GMA T.50 — the first supercar from the former creator of Formula-1


Back in December of this year, Murray shared his plans on creating a unique supercar based on the McLaren F1 prototype that was released 30 years ago. As a result, the new Т.50 has become a worthy “grandson” of the historic two-door ancestor.

What does T.50 look like?

The similar exterior design, compact body (model length is 4352 mm, width and height – 1850 and 1164 mm) and lift doors enhance the similarity between the T.50 and F1. However, there are a number of details that set the T.50 apart from the legendary F1. And by the way all the other supercars that exist today.

The highlight of the new supercar from Gordon Murray

The highlight of the T.50 is the innovative fan-assisted active aerodynamics system. Back in the 70s, this technology was already used by Murray on the cars of the British racing team Brabham. Today, almost half a century later, the engineer applies his invention again. Yet, this time, he improves the technology drastically.

What is the peculiarity of the T.50 ventilation system?

Now, two automatic modes can be used for both acceleration and deceleration. Speaking about the other four modes, they can be used for improved aerodynamics and increased downforce. They are also useful for driving in a straight line and reducing fuel consumption.

High quality air ducts are meant to create a similar ground effect. They catch the air currents passing under the supercar body and disperse it at the outlet using a fan (40 mm in diameters) located in the stern.

As a result, we get the so-called Venturi effect that creates additional downforce. The air masses sliding over the roof are controlled by the active wing. Interestingly, Murray’s new system allows the engine and transmission to cool down at the same time. Thanks to the vertical intake duct, road debris does not enter the fans. Murray ditched traditional side mirrors. Instead, cameras are installed, the signal from which is duplicated on screens located at the edges of the front panel. This is not only a tribute to modern technology, but also the optimal solution for aerodynamics harmonization.

How much does a supercar weigh?

The weight of the powerful supercar is surprisingly low. T.50 weighs 986 kilograms only. Body panel, just like the monocoque, is made of carbon fiber, making it possible to keep the dry weight within a ton.

What about the motor?

Cosworth has developed a naturally aspirated V12 4.0 engine for the Т.50 (663 hp, 467 Nm). The engine, weighing 178 kg, works simultaneously with a six-speed “mechanics”, which allows the supercar to gain 12,100 rpm. Thanks to the 48-volt starter-generator, the maximum output of the T.50 in extreme V-Max mode reaches up to700 horsepower!

To keep the weight as low as possible, Murray opted for the suspension. It is equipped with aluminum passive shock absorbers and steel springs. They are constructed without additional parts that regulate ground clearance and rigidity. Almost weightless, forged multi-width wheels, secured by a central nut, are made of aluminum as well. In addition, the new supercar is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes with six-piston calipers on the front axle and four-piston calipers on the rear axle.

How much will T.50 cost?

The start of production is scheduled for the beginning of 2022. Murray plans to create 100 cars, each of which (!) will be individually adapted for its owner. It seems like Gordon, just like other brilliant engineers, is quite a perfectionist. All the supercars will be tailored and personalized to suit their owners. The announced starting price is 2.36 million pounds.

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