How the internet of things makes yacht management easier and more convenient


Escaping from a noisy city to the sea, everyone wants to feel comfortable and safely. A modern yacht is a cozy house on the water, why solutions that allow spending time on board with maximum pleasure have been developed.

A few years ago, the concept of “Internet of things” appeared in everyday life. And if the concept of a “smart home” is not so new, then the virtual space where only technology “communicates” simply seems alien and even a little dangerous to people.

However, there are many advantages of such technologies. To begin with, using the most ordinary smartphone, you can turn on and turn off the light, alarm, adjust the climate in the room or by the way learn what needs to be bought from the refrigerator. And by the time of arrival, a smart coffee maker will prepare a fragrant invigorating drink, which can be tasted with freshly baked cake. Of course, it sounds a little wild, but it is a reality even on board.

Automation of boats is now available to almost everyone – you just have to decide on your own preferences and budget, because electronics can control everything from a few lamps to navigation. It is worth noting that even weather conditions are not able to interfere with the functioning of “smart” technology on a yacht.

Now about the possibilities. The functionality that a user can control from his Android or iOS device is quite large: it is worthwhile to conditionally divide it into life support and comfort.

Comfort on a yacht is usually provided by staff. But the “analogue” of a smart home comes into play. In fact, this is the union of all engineering systems under one control and the ability to build their work in certain conditions. For example, all lamps, interior lighting, curtains or blinds, external lighting no longer need to be turned on individually, groping for the appropriate buttons – just open the application on your smartphone and adjust everything according to your desires (from light brightness to backlight color).

The life support of all boat service systems can also be controlled – this is the advantage of “smart” equipment in terms of safety. At a minimum, you no longer need to spend time turning off the lights and electrical appliances, worrying if there is anything left on the network. As a maximum, the user can control the performance and functionality of the equipment on the yacht – from the level and condition of the fuel to the current course, location, depth and wind speed. Additionally, it is possible to control desalination plants, winches, pumps and other equipment. This also includes the alarm – not only about the penetration on board, but also information from the sensors of bilge pumps, security cameras or smoke sensors.

For applications that allow to control all the equipment on the yacht, there are special requirements. If for an ordinary “smart home” you can limit yourself to a set of sensors and cameras, then additional functions are important for boats, such as the ability to project a screen onto glass, integration of a map and work without the Internet (only due to the internal network). In addition, the premises should also be prepared for the operation of the devices (but this does not apply to small equipment – robotic vacuum cleaners, lighting, etc.).

Naturally, equipping a yacht with “smart” technics will require additional costs, but such comfort is worth them. However, it must be remembered that such complex projects would better to trust for professionals.

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