This 85-meter yacht has been a source of genuine interest since the announcement of the project at the Lürssen shipyard. Considering that superyacht owners have recently been reluctant to reveal details at the design stage or share photos of interiors afterwards, it is not surprising that close attention has been riveted on the new yacht ‘Areti’.

Lürssen has always set the main trends in the global industry. The aesthetic and technological standards of German shipbuilders have allowed the shipyard to confidently stand at the forefront of the yachting industry, admiring the purity and impeccability of its lines. Lürssen ‘Areti’ was conceived as a 5-deck family yacht. It is 85 meters long and 15 meters wide. It should be noted right away that Lürssen ‘Areti’ is built in accordance with Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) standards. This allows for a total of 18 guests on board.

Andrew Winch joined the project, he managed to take a fresh look at the concept of American luxury, which is associated with penthouses in Manhattan in New York or the houses of bankers on Wall Street. The British studio Winch Designs has repeatedly shown the world the true masterpieces of interior design, because they, like no one else, know how to carefully follow the style without going to extremes, while subtly feeling all the wishes of the client. For the first time, M/Y ‘Areti’ was presented at the most significant boat show in Monaco last autumn. The massive steel hull in a classic cream shade is in perfect harmony with the elegant snow-white superstructure made of aluminum.

The first “stop” on the main deck is a colossal cocktail area in front of the saloon. In addition to the usual sofas and table, there is a curved counter with a granite top surrounded by bar stools. The beer tap is not only illuminated, but also decorated with the yacht logo. A three-zone interior is hidden behind panoramic glass doors. This place makes an indelible impression, transferring you to an atmosphere of peace and some kind of enveloping tranquility. The central part is a lounge area, furnished with sofas and armchairs, forming a semicircle, where the whole company can have a great evening. At the same time, a large number of freestanding couches, sofas and corners suggests private communication, while being in the center of events. Of particular delight is the Steinway Boston grand piano, which can play music in high quality even in the absence of a musician, thanks to the innovative iQ system.

Worthy of attention is the area responsible for formal dining, it is separated by a buffet. The majesty and elegance of a luxurious dining set made of makore wood, decorated with frosty silk, is simply mesmerizing. Comfortable seating at the table for up to sixteen people is expected. The dining area is complemented by a wine cabinet with a collection of drinks from different years and a sideboard with glasses. Of course, the richness of textures, brilliant decor and elegant furniture immediately catch the eye in the room. The color palette in the interior largely echoes the classic trends: caramel, beige, coffee, chocolate and cream tones, as well as shades of latte and cappuccino are used here. Interestingly, Winch Design managed to arrange a lot of paintings in massive carved frames, but at the same time not overload the interior with an abundance of objects.

The staircase on Lürssen ‘Areti’ can be called a worthy gentleman’s classic. Sheltered in marble and wood, she, along with a silent high-speed elevator, connects the salon with the rest of the decks of the yacht through a chic lobby. The floor composition of the corridor is decorated with the image of a nautical compass, skillfully laid out in Emprador and Botticino marble.

One level up is a less formal al fresco dining area with seating areas, a bar and a teak table seating 16 guests. Skylounge is a logical continuation of the dining area. It is also made in a classic style, but due to soft sofas and couches, as well as a game table, it sets you up in a relaxed mood. A bar area, a gaming corner and a cinema hidden behind a painting are the list of entertainment on the upper deck or, as it would be correct to call it, the owner’s deck, since the bow is the exclusive private area of ​​the owner and his family. Master suites amaze not only with their impressive size, but also with an interesting layout. The zones for “him” and “her” are somewhat different in content. In the men’s quarter you can find a safe for storing watches and a shower room with a TV system. In the women’s section, the dressing room has an enlarged compartment for accessories such as bags and shoes, and the bathroom is equipped with a Jacuzzi. Panoramic glazing fills the apartments with light, and from the sleeping area with a large king-size bed there is access to a private outdoor lounge. There is a pool with a hydromassage effect, adjacent to it is a large sunbed, spacious sofas and a table for light snacks. The patterned upholstery of sofa cushions echoes the unique shades of the sea. Thanks to this effect, this zone turns into an island, where each item is an indispensable part of the ensemble.

In the immediate vicinity of the master suites there are two VIP-class cabins designed for family members of the owner of the yacht. They are also lavishly dressed in solid mahogany, and the bathrooms are finished in milky marble. Double beds and opposite sofas are a great place to relax after a busy day. The abundance of spacious wardrobes and bedside tables allows you to place a myriad of personal luggage, even for transatlantic crossings, there are also small libraries and an office corner in the cabins. Two more guest suites are located on the main deck. They are supposed to be used to accommodate staff, such as a fitness trainer, a babysitter or a doctor. There are 4 more cabins on the lower deck. Their distinctive detail is the transformable beds, which, if desired, can be converted into one or two separate beds. In addition, each cabin has its own individual color accent in textiles: emerald, yellow, purple, coral and many other shades. They form the integrity of the composition and emphasize restraint and harmony. They are skillfully set off by red-brown makore wood panels, which are used for furniture on board the yacht.

An entertainment component can be found on almost every deck. According to the idea of ​​the architects of the yacht, the lower deck is the center of relaxation. There is a huge wellness area, a spa salon and a wet lounge – a kind of mix of a water bar and a beach club, which expands with a large bathing platform. The wellness complex on M/Y ‘Areti’, decorated with light marble and pink mosaic, spreads over 24 m2. A luxurious sauna, hammam, as well as pools with ice and warm water set the tone for a “bathing” atmosphere. They are echoed by shower cabins with numerous adjustments of temperature, light flux, musical and aromatic accompaniment. They are able to imitate the unique atmosphere of Niagara Falls or a storm in the Caribbean Sea. Felt hats, birch and even exotic eucalyptus brooms complete this “set”. There is also a beauty salon and a massage room equipped with a heated marble table.

A bicycle repair shop can be found next to the wellness centre. This is one of the hobbies of the owner of the yacht, which is also subtly hinted at by all kinds of interior items. Not surprisingly, a bridge deck gym appeared on board. With multifunctional equipment, treadmills, scales, Wellness Balls, and a complete set of yoga equipment, the entire gym was cleverly designed and thought out in a relatively small space. From here there is an exit to the lounge, which will come in handy after active physical exercises. What could be more pleasant than relaxing in the pool or having a drink here with guests at the bar.

Sandek is a special place on M/Y ´Areti´. It is from here that the most breathtaking views and landscapes of the open sea open up. In addition, it is successfully closed from all winds due to curved glazing at the level of the railing, forming a kind of glass shield. The central place is occupied by a huge sun pad, to which a sofa adjoins. Closer to the radar arch, which has an intricate shape and complemented by chrome pipes, there is a second solarium with several sun loungers and a cozy bar counter. Now a few words about the technical organization at Lürssen ‘Areti’. The bow of the bridgedeck is occupied by the captain’s cabin, office and wheelhouse with a helm station. All information is consolidated into a single control center on monitors and is emphasized by the same exquisite finishing materials and furniture. Visible from the wheelhouse is a certified heliport located forward of the owner’s deck.

Since the aft part of the lower deck was reserved for the wellness area, the entire garage complex was placed in the bow of the main deck. The M/Y ‘Areti’ marine “park” consists of a 9-meter Yachtwerft Meyer limousine, several Ribs, Sea Doo jet skis and other water toys for recreation on the water. The garage is equipped with opening gates on both sides, from where all boats are launched into the water. Lürssen ‘Areti’ has a top speed of 17 knots thanks to two 2,700 hp MTU engines and is capable of traveling up to 6,000 nautical miles. For comfortable sea passages and at anchorages, four stabilizers are used. In general, the shipyard has always been famous for the serious organization of the engine room. In the case of M/Y ‘Areti’, the technical areas are a room with high ceilings and good accessibility for servicing all systems and mechanisms. Here everything is clearly divided into separate compartments, in accordance with the requirements of PYC. For example, it takes just a few seconds for the staff to search for any tool – all storage systems are so well thought out. So, on the one hand, there are tanks for drinking water, fuel tanks and a drinking water filtration system, on the other, a water purification system for the spa and Jacuzzi. And such attention to detail, such as completely separating the guest laundry from all technical areas in order to avoid the situation with unwanted odors, speaks of the high level of service and quality of Lürssen.


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