Thanks to its excellent hull hydrodynamics, innovative technology solutions and even more spacious and ergonomic interior volumes, the new sailing yacht from Perini Navi ‘Seven’ is truly unique.

From the very beginning of the construction of the yacht, Doyle Sailmakers, a well-known company in this environment, has been involved in the process of creating sails. For ‘Seven’ blades were developed that could provide reliability and minimal weight. This was achieved by combining several types of yarns, such as technora, vectran, carbon and taffeta, laminated on both sides of the sail. Another type of canvas was specially made for those areas where there are huge loads when twisting into a boom – a horizontal beam. All this has resulted in the perfect combination of strength, durability and resistance to stretch, and also called Seven sails one of the largest and most complex. It should be noted that Perini Navi is the only shipyard that produces the necessary control systems for sails, as well as masts and shrouds. So, to significantly reduce the time of setting and reefing the sails, the Automated Sail Handling System control system, which has been successfully tested on the latest models of the shipyard’s sailboats, is called upon. One of its main components was the use on the yacht of a new generation of winches recessed into the deck from Perini Navi with horizontal drums. They are lighter, more efficient and take up less usable space below deck. With the same goal in mind, to optimize the use of the surface of the headsails, their automatic furlers have also been completely redesigned by the Perini Navi Mast division. The steering gear has not been ignored either: Ocean Yacht Systems’ RDE system is positioned as a quieter and lighter alternative to other electric propulsion systems. Completing this high-tech set is a special program that monitors the behavior of the yacht during sailing and transmits all information to the displays of the helm station. The interiors of the 60m ‘Seven’ ketch were designed and executed by Dante O. Benini, internationally renowned for their innovative designs. Interiors in an elegant timeless style deserve all praise. The main deck of the boat meets with a semicircular lounge and a small dining area under the overhang of the sundeck. A lot of soft sofa cushions effectively complement the space with homely warmth and comfort. The unusual bar counter is stylized as classic Italian furniture. Due to the fullness of light, air and a sense of freedom of movement, the transition from open spaces to an indoor salon is not felt.

At the request of the owner, the main salon is divided into three functional areas: a dining area, a lounge island and a compact library office. In the center of the saloon is a glass staircase that connects all three decks. The dominant role in the lounge area is assigned to a pair of semicircular sofas and a neat coffee table, where Italian chic and oriental calm are invisibly combined. A separate dining area occupies a small space, but due to this it feels very cozy and intimate. A table with a massive wooden top and white rounded inserts is complemented by classic chairs with white leather upholstery. Opposite the dining room is an office nook that can serve as an additional lounge, a library, and a small study thanks to a folding table on an adjustable support. The architects gave a modern look to the interior of the salon due to the abundance of glass and other materials that are so characteristic of the high-tech direction. At the same time, the delicate milky-beige color scheme, which is present in the furniture upholstery, contributes to comfort and advertising. On the lower deck of the ‘Seven’ there are four guest cabins, as well as a crew rest area. The master stateroom is located closer to the aft area, in its widest part, and boasts a huge walk-in closet, which is not typical for a sailing yacht of this size. In addition, the apartment has a large double bed, a cozy semi-circular lounge, an office corner, as well as a large bathroom. The VIP suite differs slightly from the master suite in size, and also has all the listed functional areas. The two standard suites with double beds have received a similar finish, but are significantly smaller in size.

The magnificent 60-meter ketch ‘Seven’ is considered one of the highlights of the most influential show – Monaco Yacht Show 2017. This aluminum sailboat is the third in the Blue Water Sailing Yachts series. According to the already established good tradition, the launch of the 62nd sailing yacht of the shipyard took place at the docks of Perini Navi, so to speak, “at home” in Viareggio. Created by the shipyard team, the yacht’s naval architecture has been optimized in collaboration with a proven partner, New Zealand studio Ron Holland Design. Like the 60M series predecessors, the Seahawk and Perseus 3, the sailboat’s lightweight aluminum hull features a low profile with sleek lines and high-tech features. It was they who became the key to high speeds and excellent driving performance. The yacht can easily participate in top regattas, and show excellent results during cruise transitions, providing a high level of safety and comfort. To a certain extent, the style of the sailboat’s hull was borrowed from the previous successful series of Perini Navi – yachts built on the 56M platform. And this is logical: the fleet of the shipyard is a dozen successful hulls of this series. But time does not stand still, and the time has come to offer discerning customers something more perfect. It seems that Perini Navi subtly captured this moment. A certain “frisky” image in the guise of a yacht is facilitated by a nose tending upward, slightly littered windows and a smoothed profile of the wheelhouse. All this adds to the superstructure of lightness and elusive momentum.
The widespread use of aluminum made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the ballast, and, consequently, to free up additional internal space, reduce the vessel’s displacement and increase speed. The maximum speed of the sailboat is 15 knots, and it is possible to overcome sea passages up to 3500 nautical miles on the ´Seven´ at a speed of 12.5 knots. With all this, the registered tonnage of the yacht is 491 GT, and the displacement is approaching 570 tons. A pair of Panamax aluminum masts was installed for sailing rigs in 2,100 m2, and all auxiliary “equipment” – rigging, booms and spreaders – were made of carbon. The main mast of the ketch – the mainmast – rises to a height of more than 62 meters above its waterline, and the second mast, the mizzen, rises to 52 meters.

The guest cabins, as well as the main salon of the boat, are designed in beige tones and have excellent high ceilings, like for a sailing boat. A great mix of poufs, bureaus, banquettes and couches for daytime lounging are clustered around spacious sleeping areas. Modern, refined and elegant, the interiors, with their organic use of light-coloured sycamore wood paneling with Armani Casa décor, demonstrate a successful combination of colours, shapes and a sense of calm that emanates from them. I must say that ´Seven´ has a lot of pleasant entertainment in the open areas. In front of the wheelhouse is a lounge with a semi-circular sofa, coffee table and observation deck. In turn, the platform at the stern, in a matter of minutes, can not only transform into a convenient “ladder” for access on board, but also be used as a platform for relaxing near the water. The capacious sundeck of the sailboat has become an excellent place for taking air and sunbathing. In addition to the empty space that can serve as a party area, on the uppermost deck of the ‘Seven’ there is also a cozy sofa nook, an area for coffee or cocktail times and, of course, a magnificent solarium. In other words, whatever your heart desires.


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