Anthenea: The First Private Capsule Hotel on the Water


Do you adore the sea breeze, the latest tech inventions and Bond movies? If so, this floating hotel is a jam you can’t miss. Anthenea is a giant floating capsule that is powered by the sun and is perfect for ocean parties and romantic weekends.

The history of Anthenea

Jean-Michel Ducancelle, a naval architect from France, has revealed that since his very childhood he adored Bond movies. However, he did not limit himself to the James Bond Halloween costume only. Inspired by The Spy Who Loved Me movie, Ducancelle designed the actual Anthenea floating capsule. It took Jean-Michel 15 years to create and make the dream come true. He actually made five prototypes and was awarded with the Tourism Innovation Award.

How does the first private capsule hotel look like?

From a bird’s eye view, Anthenea resembles either a UFO or a beautiful snow-white shell. Unique in its kind, it not only gives the owner an unforgettable vacation, but is also a real trophy. With such a personal hotel, you will definitely not go unnoticed. The total area of ​​the ship is equal to 50 square meters. There are: living room, bathroom, bedroom, and solarium. So, the new invention can literally be called a home. Moreover, an independent, not to say anarchic, home! Why so?

The upper edge of the snow-white floating dome is equipped with high-end solar panels. They power both the engine and the rest of the yacht’s hotel complex. At night, they use energy that was stored during the day. Consequently, the owner of the Anthenea does not need nor network, nor civilization. Isn’t it cool and inspiring? Also, such a sustainable approach allows the capsule owner to contribute to the health of our planet.

There is also additional equipment such as extra batteries, a generator, central air conditioning and remote control. The capsule is driven by an electric motor. Anthenea accommodates from four up to six people, the maximum number of cabins is three. Yet, if you use the module as a bar or office, the capsule can fit in up to 12 visitors.

Why is Anthenea round?

The company has revealed that the UFO-shaped design is not only meant for aesthetic reasons. Such a solution also helps to prevent the passengers from sea sickness. Another great feature of a round design is the fact that the entire perimeter of the capsule is encircled by a platform. It serves as a recreation area, a beach club and a pier. Here you can sunbathe, read your favorite books, enjoy juicy mangoes and sit on the edge, lightly touching the warm water with your fingertips. In some areas there are stairs that makes it easy to dive in and out of the sea.

The interior and highlights of the floating hotel

The interior of the capsule is no less impressive than the exterior. Entering the capsule, you first notice huge panoramic windows that are literally everywhere. As a result, you can enjoy views of both the sea and the underwater depths. Anthenea has underwater glazing. The futuristic design also does not leave you indifferent: soft sofas shimmering in azure lighting, an impressive bar counter and a staircase flowing upwards. Where does it lead to? To the solarium! Located on the upper level, right under the roof, it can accommodate up to 12 guests! Also, the capsule is equipped with a chic bedroom and giant round bath. Can you think of a better capsule for relaxation and romance? And what about private parties? You can dock on the island, stock up on freshly caught seafood and your favorite wine so to throw a party and enjoy the sunset together. Life is good, isn’t it?

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