Cantiere Delle Marche. Flexplorer 130 M/Y ‘Aurelia’


CDM M/Y Aurelia The first-born Cantiere delle Marche in the Flexplorer line is a bold and successful experiment that has it all: technology, elegant lines and innovative interiors. ‘Aurelia’ is a versatile yacht for all seasons and occasions. She will be at home in the most party-like marina in Porto Cervo and will just as easily fit into the secluded nature of the harsh fjords in northern waters.

When the Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) was just making its first “trials” in the world of private ships, they did not think much about the mass production of expeditionaries. And not a single shipyard made bets on them. But as soon as they saw the potential in them, explorers began to grow like mushrooms after rain. First, ships that once served oil platforms received a second life, and then such projects began to be developed from scratch, taking into account all the needs of private yachting.

CdM immediately took the second path. Over the years, she has made significant progress in this direction, creating both courageous explorers like the Darwin Class, and more sleek, not so harsh Nauta Air. The Flexplorer series is somewhere in between, a definite compromise. She has the seaworthiness of a reliable “explorer”, only in addition to these qualities comes the flexibility in planning relaxation areas and living quarters.

The design project of the Flexplorer ‘Aurelia’ suited the needs of future owners very conveniently: to walk the seas and oceans without thinking about the complexity of the route, but at the same time be in your own cozy “element”. They managed to reach many remote corners on their previous Darwin Class yacht and clearly understood what exactly they were missing. Template samples did not suit them, so all the details were created from scratch. This approach is reflected even in the name of the ship ‘Aurelia’. It was born as a tribute to the legendary car Lancia Aurelia. Today, Lancia is just a quality car, but just half a century ago, it amazed the imagination with its crazy innovations, and its design was deservedly considered the epitome of elegance.


Even at the drawing stage, it was analyzed that with a yacht length of 39.37 meters and a gross tonnage of 453 gross tons, a pair of 1,000 hp Caterpillar C32A engines would be the best option. With. And the designers were not mistaken! On sea trials, the vessel not only easily reached the estimated 14 knots, but also confidently delivered 15 knots of maximum speed. The ‘Aurelia’ also proved to be very economical and was able to easily cover more than 7,000 nautical miles at 10 knots instead of the predicted 5,000 nautical miles.

And this is not random magic, but the perfectly thought out naval architecture in Hydro Tec. The engineers ran CFD simulations to make sure that none of the elements, whether propeller, stabilizer or stalk, interfered with each other, and then verified this in a practical way by testing the model in test pools.

“The Flexplorer is a vessel with a modified fast displacement hull made of steel and an aluminum superstructure. Its vertical bulbous prow and huge aft deck are more than just visual gimmicks. This is what will give him the opportunity to challenge the oceans later,” explains Sergio Cutolo from Hydro Tec.

Seeing only the bow of the structure, it is easy to confuse the boat with a classic yacht. However, when you see the full profile with the superstructure offset to the bow and the stern completely open, it becomes obvious that you have an expedition yacht in front of you. But such non-standard proportions, as for a private yacht, required optimal weight distribution. Engineers experimented with the underwater part in order to correctly position the propellers and not have to increase the draft. Among other things, ‘Aurelia’ was equipped with four electric fin stabilizers at once. They are controlled by software and are paired with independent steering wheels. Experiments have shown that this combination improves seaworthiness and allows you to navigate more confidently.



They always try to make the aft area on the explorer as free as possible in order to use it for various utilitarian purposes. And although plans to put a couple of tenders aft do not seem like something out of the ordinary, one problem nevertheless arose. In addition to the traveling “classic” Williams Dieseljet 445, a giant was supposed to appear in the arsenal of the ‘Aurelia’ – the 8.5-meter JokerBoat Clubman 28 EFB tender. In order to launch it, an A-frame crane had to be adapted. Often such monsters can be found in the port for loading and unloading or on fishing trawlers. And on a luxury yacht you will rarely see such a colossus. This engineering structure was built from carbon fiber to keep the structure light, weighing only half a ton, yet rigid, even lifting a weight of 3.5 tons.

“Fauces are generally considered a nuisance as they steal space and are not as aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, when you’re dealing with the launching of a heavy tender, there are issues with balancing the boat, complain the crane developers at Advanced Mechanical Solutions. “But with the help of an A-crane, the boat does not fall overboard, but immediately aft, and the yacht does not roll at all.”

The entire structure, when not in use, is recessed below deck and covered with teak folding sections. And in general, as CdM joked, such a frame serves as a decoration for the boat and can even become, for example, a prop for aerial acrobats from Cirque du Soleil, when parties are held on the open deck. And there is plenty of space here, because the bulwarks are laid out on both sides by about 7 meters. After that, the site turns from a garage into a beach club with an area of ​​115 m2. Sun loungers are taken out of the storages, and umbrellas are installed in deck mounts, securely hidden from view for the time being.


The Flexplorer is the ideal boat for outdoor activities. Directly below the aft platform is the gym, which is flooded with light through six built-in skylights. Running, cycling or functional training is a worthy choice. Boring? Behind the bulkhead, the entire arsenal of water toys and more is stored here. The “toys” list includes three mountain bikes, two Seabobs, and several surfboards.

When the beach is occupied by boats during long passages, the owner will have at his disposal a private Jacuzzi deck with a pool and a sofa area. And the rest of the guests will be able to use the common relaxation areas in the bow with sofas and an open dining room on the upper deck.

The internal volumes of ‘Aurelia’ are huge for a 40-meter yacht, but the exterior is not perceived as massive and heavy. All because the designers competently used every corner and looked for extraordinary solutions. For example, ‘Aurelia’ has an asymmetric main deck layout. The side passage is left only on the left, and the right side is attached to the saloon and gives endless sea views as a bonus.

The layout of the residential area is also with an eye on long transitions. There are four guest cabins on board. The master suite was traditionally sent to the main deck, with spacious “his” and “hers” bathrooms, an office, lounge couches and a boudoir. And on the lower deck, instead of four suites, three cabins and an additional laundry room were placed, which can significantly improve the quality of service and facilitate the tasks of the crew. However, this space can be returned to the status of a guest, as there is still a bathroom with a shower and amenities.


One of the main requirements for interior design was the following: “Nothing should look brand new or like an exhibition of the achievements of modern furniture.” Indeed, the interior of ‘Aurelia’ is unique in its aesthetic, it reflects the personality and is filled with character. The love for art and classic cars is a keynote in the decor.

The industrial interior on Flexplorer is the work of Florentine designer Francesco Paszkowski in collaboration with Margherita Casprini. Brown and charcoal hues run like a red thread through all the decks and are reminiscent of the loft style in the metropolis. Some of the materials used on board the ‘Aurelia’ are practically groundbreaking for a yacht: have you seen concrete on bulkheads or ceilings before? Or matt oak floorboards deliberately cut in different widths? And the electrical wiring for lighting, which was stretched through brass pipes and attached in the most visible place? Here, even the switches are old industrial boxes.

Some of the items were vintage, and some were aged or created in the style of the Second World War: on the couches are “army” mattresses covered in Ralph Lauren fabrics. A floor lamp in the cabin was found at a flea market in Florence, it once served as a landing light at the airport. There is also a model of the British Supermarine Spitfire fighter, a “dog” general and other intricate works of art.

“The wine cellar is likely to appeal to even the most stubborn modernists,” says Paszkowski. “It stretches from the main deck to the top deck, taking up the entire flight of stairs, and is meant to be a great design feature. The cellar consists of two separate wine cabinets, where each rack rotates on a swivel base. The 88-bottle racks can be rotated by hand to get to the right Chateau.” To ensure that the selection of wine is accompanied by a special tactile sensation, the steps of the stairs are covered with leather. Indeed, every detail on board is unique and original, and it is almost impossible to find any yacht clichés.


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