Beauty and style seem to be part of the genome of this shipyard and are inherited from model to model.

The ability of any Riva to look cinematically spectacular has deservedly given the Italian brand worldwide fame and star status. One look at the new Riva 66′ Ribelle is enough to make sure that this statement is correct. The new Riva 66′ Ribelle was first shown at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2018, but the public’s interest was riveted to it long before the premiere. After all, the shipyard kept an intrigue until the last, keeping all the details of the boat in the strictest secrecy. Of course, the status of a legend imposes an even greater responsibility on Riva: after all, it is not just waiting for a good yacht in accordance with modern trends – to a greater extent, it itself sets those trends. Whatever was born in her creative workshops, it immediately becomes a trend.

Previously, every Riva child was a mahogany symphony. Gradually, modern more functional, light and durable materials displaced wood from the technological process, but they did not dislodge Riva from the pedestal. Accents of mahogany, which in today’s interpretation are combined with elements of stainless steel, not only remind of the golden age, but also boldly combine antiquity and modernity. The latter best characterizes the new Ribelle, whose name means “rebel” in Italian.
The new Riva 66′ Ribelle surprisingly combines classic elegance and modern gloss, the sporty character and luxury of a superyacht. The stylish 20.5 meter long hull in the new Blue Sapphire shade has huge windows. Riva 66′ Ribelle also boasts large and comfortable exterior spaces, one of which is the flybridge itself. This is already the third boat in the shipyard’s arsenal that belongs to the Sportfly category. The part fly in the name implies the presence of a flybridge, but the word sport means its limited size. Therefore, a feature of the Sportfly yacht is the presence of a compact, but still full-fledged flybridge. On the 66′ Ribelle, this deck is equipped with a small control panel and a relaxation area with two sunbeds in the bow and a sunpad in the stern. Since the flybridge is shifted closer to the stern, the free bow part of the main deck is also ideal for sunbathing. A large solarium with a sunken structure will be a great place for more secluded relaxation, especially in the marina. Riva seems to have managed to find the perfect balance between space and efficiency.

As soon as you step onto the captain’s bridge of the Riva 66′ Ribelle, it becomes obvious that exclusivity and high technology can exist in a harmonious tandem. The combination of carbon and stainless steel textures evokes clear sci-fi associations, and mahogany emphasizes the status of the boat. But, of course, the “brain” of the yacht is the control panel, and the huge monitors are the “eyes” of the system, which display navigation maps or speed data. Another elongated monitor is a very clear and convenient visualization of all functions of the yacht. For example, it is possible to constantly monitor the temperature and revolutions of engines, fuel consumption, water reserves, the position of the steering wheel, flaps, etc., without using the main monitors.
The body of the Riva 66′ Ribelle was developed specifically for this model, although it also traces the family features of the 76′ Perseo. Its efficiency is best characterized by numbers: with two MAN V12 engines of 1,550 liters each. with. each yacht’s maximum speed is 37 knots, and the declared cruising speed is 33 knots! There is also an economical cruise mode of 20 knots with relatively low fuel consumption for a 20-meter yacht.
To start the movement, it is enough to turn on the automatic flap adjustment system and hit the gas. For the maximum simplification of control, a joystick is provided, which is connected to the engines, transmission and bow thruster. With its help, you can not only maneuver, but also fully control the boat. This management tool is becoming increasingly popular due to its simplicity and intuitiveness. For even greater comfort on board, the shipyard offers the Seakeeper NG9 duck stabilizer.


There are innovations not only on the captain’s bridge – they meet from the first steps on board. The garage is designed for the Williams 345 tender, and its descent and ascent to the water is much easier – the bathing platform goes under the water and makes it possible to “roll out” the tender without hindrance. At the same time as the garage door is lifted, several hidden steps for getting into the water are exposed, which will come in handy.

The impressive dimensions of the cockpit are striking. A very large solarium at the stern on one side and a sofa on the other – all this is complemented by a folding table with a mahogany table top and another corner sofa, which in a matter of minutes turns this area into an open dining room. A glass partition separates the cockpit from the salon, where a folding section allows you to combine the two areas within the concept of a continuous deck space. The sound of the waves, the freshness of the sea wind and the aroma of salt water filling the cockpit can now also be felt in the cabin.

The large L-shaped sofa on the starboard side with a folding table-transformer in the Riva 66′ Ribelle cabin not only combines the nobility of mahogany and the cold shine of stainless steel, but is also an example of impressive practicality. The table can be used in two modes – as a coffee table or as a dining table. A small cabinet for storing all the necessary dishes and other items serves as the visual end of the guest area, and opposite the lounge is a chest of drawers with a pull-out TV panel.

The magnificent and restrained luxury of the interior is particularly emphasized through the panoramic glazing. In the interior, mahogany is used much more generously. In the matte version, it looks much more modern, and the neighborhood of shiny steel, dark blue lacquered surfaces and white leather creates a unique atmosphere of charm in the style of refined Riva classics. The yacht owes its rebellious spirit to the Officina Italiana Design studio, as well as to the strategic department and engineering division of the Ferretti Group. Famous luxury brands such as Penelopeoggi and Mastrotto were involved in the interior design and furnishing, which were involved in the leather decoration of the main salon and the owner’s cabin, Mariaflora created soft furniture, and Redaelli – bedding and pillows.

If you go down to the lower deck, where there are three guest cabins and a kitchen, you can’t help but notice the height of the ceilings, which is no different from the main deck – more than 2 meters. The master cabin, as it should be, extends from side to side in the middle part of the hull. The central place is occupied by a double bed, and a stylish couch by the window will allow you to enjoy the scenery from the panoramic windows. Several chests of drawers and cabinets are designed for such a wardrobe, which is quite enough for a long rest on board. The absence of cold stainless steel sets the mood for home comfort, and the blue-white range found in the fabrics reminds of the Mediterranean coolness on a hot summer day. The VIP cabin is slightly smaller than the master suite and is located in the bow, which leaves a distinctive mark on its shape. The central part of the lower deck was chosen by another guest suite with separate beds and a bathroom that can also be used as a day toilet. A small laundry room with a washing machine and dryer is located next to the kitchen area – an ideal layout in a limited space.

It’s funny that Osgood Fielding, the hero of the film “There are only girls in jazz”, uttered his famous phrase “Everybody has their flaws” precisely on board the boat. Osgood, you were wrong: perfection exists, you just weren’t looking for it!


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