Top coffee alternatives for this summer


A morning shot of high quality espresso is a must have. Yet, why limit yourself? It is new discoveries and experiences that give life a taste. Today we’re talking about three trendy drinks that can replace coffee this year.


Matcha latte

Thick and creamy matcha latte is perhaps the most photogenic drink in the world. It breathes with youth, luscious foliage and life itself. It is not surprising that all the top bloggers and celebrities have already posted a photo with a drink on Instagram. What’s so special about a matcha latte? Why did it become that trendy? First, there is a very tangible trend for healthy lifestyle. People want youth, beauty and vibrant energy. From wheat germs to spirulina smoothies, people want it all. Matcha latte, thus,  had no other choice but to become a hype. The drink is cooked from powdered green tea leaves. Yet, matcha latte is way more powerful than a regular green tea! It contains ten times more antioxidants. Read, matcha latte makes you thinner, younger and stronger. The drink is prepared using both traditional cow milk and coconut milk. The latter is especially popular as it is lactose free and suitable for vegans. Though, invigorating matcha latte does not cause any of caffeine-related side effects.


The popularity of the Chinese kombucha drink, which is also known as an “elixir of immortality” is explained by the same interest in healthy lifestyle. Recently, scientists have revealed  that our stomach is responsible for the production of almost 70% of the body’s serotonin. That’s the good-old happy hormone that makes you feel joyful. And that’s the key to kombucha popularity. The drink contains probiotics the stomach needs working like a clock. The drink is prepared from kombucha mushroom and tea itself (white, black, green and oolong mostly). The resulting kombucha contains a lot of organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, lipids, and caffeine. The drink has an effervescent, sweetish taste and is somewhat reminiscent of kvass. However, unlike ordinary soda, it does not harm health and, moreover, saturates the body with vitamins.


Masala means «tea with spices» in hindi. As simple as it is. Popular in the sunny lands of Punjab and Kerala, masala is prepared from milk, tea and spices. It usually contains cloves, cardamom, black pepper, fennel seeds and ginger. Sometimes it also includes rose petals, nutmeg, licorice root, saffron and almonds. Honey and cane sugar are often used to add some sweetness. The invigorating drink is especially good when served during a cold day. Most of the spices in masala are considered warm and act as aphrodisiacs. In addition, masala tea improves metabolism and normalizes blood pressure. The drink has is not really about waking you up. Unlike matcha latte and kombucha, it does not add to the apparent vitality of the day. However, why miss a chance to occasionally enjoy a spicy and creamy masala?

Yerba Mate
Mate or Yerba Mate is an excellent tonic drink made from Paraguayan holly leaves. It came from South America after Spanish colonists brought this drink in the 17th century under the name Jesuit tea. The plant Yerba Mate itself is unique, for example, with its regular consumption, numerous protective properties of the body are activated and in fact it is a natural antioxidant. It normalizes the work of the whole organism and quickly recovers strength. Like coffee, it improves mood and increases activity, but unlike coffee, it does not break sleep. And what is interesting, many people says with confidence that after having Mate they need less time to get enough sleep. The secret is simple: the body is immersed in a deep sleep stage, so the release of tension and fatigue occurs much faster. And what is the most important is that lack of addiction to Mate makes it an ideal substitute for coffee.

Are you ready to give up coffee for one of the drinks? Have you tried any of the above mentioned yummies?

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